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Hard drive data recovery

Hard Disk Drive Recovery

All hard disk drives work on the same principle. Hard disks are a non-volatile storage device that stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces. The data is accessed by read/write heads attached to the end of the actuator arm. These float a very small distance from the platter surface.

Need to recover your data?

Recovering Your Failed Hard Drive

The resourceful technicians at Recover My Data have a verified track record and are widely renowned for hard drive data recovery.

The process of restoration is typically beneficial for businesses, students and single users and involves the salvaging of vital data on desktop PC’s, MacBook’s, laptops and external hard drives.

There are countless explanations as to why a hard drive may fail; typically associated with one out of the four classifications.

Degraded hard

Formatted drives, deleted files, erased partitions and lost bios.

Electronically failed hard drives:​​​

This could consist of power surges and incorrect power

Mechanically failed hard drives:

This failure type could be recognised from clicking/ticking noises, power failures and head crashes.

Human error failed hard drives:

This can occur as a result of being knocked/dropped or
from incidents involving fire or water/flood damage.

Need to recover your data?

Recover My Data Process

1. Send your device to us

Or drop of the device to one of our
secure locations.

2. We assess the device

We diagnose your drive on why the data loss happened and inform you on what can be recovered.

3. Quotation

We give you a quote based on how difficult it is to access your data.

4. We send your data back

We send your data back on a new device in the same file format you created.

Drop off Locations

The Gate, Keppoch Street
Cardiff, Roath
CF24 3JW

Britannia House,
Caerphilly Business Park, Van Rd, Caerphilly
CF83 3GG


Because we’re a small, independent team, we can offer competitive rates at least 30% lower than other data recovery companies.


Each of our technicians undergo extensive training and are highly knowledgeable in Data Recovery. If it’s recoverable, they can do it.

Safe & Secure

Our methods are designed to ensure the recovered data will make it safely back to you via tracked courier.

Aftercare Support

We are happy to answer your questions and help with any issues that may occur after recovery.

hard drive data recovery

About Recover My Data

Recover My Data (RMD) are a Cardiff based data recovery company. RMD’s main aim has alway been to offer a professional and reliable data recovery service. RMD has a high success rate in the recovery of data. this is a result of using the right equipment combined with expericend professional technicians who are highly skilled in dealing with all types of hard disk drive and sold state drive failure.

However there are times where data recovery isn’t possible. When this happens we will let you know and will not charge for the service.

RMD understand the emotional unease lost data can bring, we at RMD will not just quote the lowest price over the phone to “get the media in” but give you an honest quote based on the information given by you the client.  We need to ensure a clear, honest pricing strcture and process relating to the recovery of your data recovery needs

Need to recover your data?

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Recover My Data

We are a professional, intuitive company formed by the aspiration to give clients a clear understanding of their data recovery needs and the opportunity to recover irreplaceable data at a more than reasonable price.

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