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Recovering Your Failed Mobile Devices

Our team of experts welcome you to Recover My Data, we understand the frustration of losing data this is why we are here to offer a professional mobile phone data recovery service.

We help single users, students, small businesses and any one that needs our help with their data recovery needs. 

It’s simple, the longer you wait to restore your data the greater risk of possible total data loss. So, why not eliminate this prospect of total data loss by choosing our reputable technicians to resolve your mobile phone data failures. Don’t delay, get your data recovery started today.

There are countless explanations as to why your mobile phone may fail; typically associated with one out of the four classifications listed: 

Physically failed:

Occurring as a result of your mobile being dropped or huge pressure being put onto the device.

Logically failed:

These could consist of deleted data or formatted flash memory.

Electronically failed:

Failures arising from power surges or your device not powering up.

Unforeseen failed:

Due to the impact from your mobile device being actively dropped and therefore subsequently resulting in an inoperable device.

Need to recover your data?

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About Us

We understand the importance of your data and we keep up with the latest in digital technology so that whatever your device we can handle the problem. We provide an honest, fast and efficient recovery service and we keep you informed at every stage. If you would like to discuss your data recovery needs or get some advice about upgrading your storage solutions get in touch on 0330 133 1423.


Because we’re a small, independent team, we can offer competitive rates at least 30% lower than other data recovery companies.


Each of our technicians undergo extensive training and are highly knowledgeable in Data Recovery. If it’s recoverable, they can do it.

Safe & Secure

Our methods are designed to ensure the recovered data will make it safely back to you via tracked courier.

Aftercare Support

We are happy to answer your questions and help with any issues that may occur after recovery.

Recover My Data Process

1. Send your device to us

Or drop of the device to one of our secure locations.

2. We assess the device

We diagnose your drive on why the data loss happened and inform you on what can be recovered.

3. Quotation

We give you a quote based on how difficult it is to access your data.

4. We send your data back

We send your data back on a new device in the same file format you created.

Recover My Data

We are a professional, intuitive company formed by the aspiration to give clients a clear understanding of their data recovery needs and the opportunity to recover irreplaceable data at a more than reasonable price. 

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