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raid array data recovery

Raid Array Data Recovery

“RAID” is now used as an umbrella term for computer data storage schemes that can divide and replicate data among multiple hard disk drives. The various designs involve two key design goals: increase data reliability or increase input/output performance. When multiple physical disks are set up to use RAID technology, they are said to be in a RAID array. This array distributes data across multiple disks, but the array is seen by the computer user and operating system as one single disk

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Recovering Your Failed RAID Array

RAID data is exceptionally complex and data configurations are numerous; such as striped, volume and spanned etc. Manufacturers also add complexity with unique configurations and virtual partitions.

Successful RAID data recovery relies on; pattern recognition, understanding the array configuration and having knowledge of the file system on the data array. All of this leads to being able to comprehend and diagnose the issue(s) and uncover the reasoning behind its failure.

This is when the data restoration processes can begin in hope to fix the RAID data.

It’s simple, the longer you wait to restore your data the greater risk of possible total data loss. So, why not eliminate this prospect of total data loss by choosing our reputable technicians to resolve your Raid Array data failures. Don’t delay, get your data recovery started today.

Human error:

Data loss from reformatting, reinstalling or volume overwrite can be subjugated by our experienced data recovery engineers.

Natural Disasters:

Water, dirt and other contaminants. Incidents from the unfortunate natural disasters, which may have been unavoidable, can destroy a RAID array instantaneously.

Power Issues:

RAID systems can be drastically affected by power loss, power cycling and power surges causing complete data loss.

Mechanical Issues:

Once a RAID runs in a degraded state, the increased workload on the remaining drives creates a potential risk of additional drive failures.

Need to recover your data?

Recover My Data Process

1. Send your device to us

Or drop of the device to one of our
secure locations.

2. We assess the device

We diagnose your drive on why the data loss happened and inform you on what can be recovered.

3. Quotation

We give you a quote based on how difficult it is to access your data.

4. We send your data back

We send your data back on a new device in the same file format you created.

Drop off Locations

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Cardiff, Roath
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Because we’re a small, independent team, we can offer competitive rates at least 30% lower than other data recovery companies.


Each of our technicians undergo extensive training and are highly knowledgeable in Data Recovery. If it’s recoverable, they can do it.

Safe & Secure

Our methods are designed to ensure the recovered data will make it safely back to you via tracked courier.

Aftercare Support

We are happy to answer your questions and help with any issues that may occur after recovery.

raid array data recovery

About Us

Recover My Data (RMD) are a Cardiff based data recovery company. RMD’s main aim has alway been to offer a professional and reliable data recovery service. RMD has a high success rate in the recovery of data. this is a result of using the right equipment combined with expericend professional technicians who are highly skilled in dealing with all types of hard disk drive and sold state drive failure.

However there are times where data recovery isn’t possible. When this happens we will let you know and will not charge for the service.

RMD understand the emotional unease lost data can bring, we at RMD will not just quote the lowest price over the phone to “get the media in” but give you an honest quote based on the information given by you the client.  We need to ensure a clear, honest pricing strcture and process relating to the recovery of your data recovery needs

Need to recover your data?

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We are a professional, intuitive company formed by the aspiration to give clients a clear understanding of their data recovery needs and the opportunity to recover irreplaceable data at a more than reasonable price.

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